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new hope
im trying to find were i could get the funding to start a rehabilitation center, or get get pointed in right direction
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littlelacie   in reply to Ally143
there is free dental in every state, type in free dental, city, state or call nearest denal school
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I am a 19 y/o college student and I have TMJ. My jaw dislocates and I can't set it back for days. I get headaches, earaches, have trouble speaking and eating. It is ruining my life and I am always in pain. I don't have dental and it will cost thousands of dollars to just see a dentist. Please help!
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desperate but greatful
Hi I am a 21 year old single mom of 2 boys 7monghs and 2 years old my 7 month old son was a premi and has been determined as disabled he has hsf open heart surgery and two gastro surgery and eats with a g-tub in his stomach. I had a desease when I was pregnant with both boys it gave me sever lived damage along with completely ruined my teeth. The acid and other issues my desease rotated my teeth inside out. I had a decent smile before and now have just teeth and am about to loose more I desperately need help. I can't eat, don't smile and am severally depressed because of this. I am on acchss but they don't help because I am 21. Please help me. I truly can't explain how horrible this is .
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edwin i'm 42 out of work have medicaid and recieving food stamps i'm losing my teeth i have periodontal disease medicaid is denying the work that it cost about 12,000 please help or give me advise what can i do. Thank you and god bless you.
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Have you ever tried to get a job with all your top teeth broke because of a car accent well i have im 29 yrs old I got into a car accent back in 08 which dislocated my top jaw and has caused major problems with my teeth. About two yrs after my accent my top teeth started braking off causing an unpretty smile, I have always worked customer service and loved every min of it but now that my teeth are all broke off no one will hire me i have tried to get help other ways to get them fixed but no one was able to help me i don't have an income and no way to get one at this time in my life due to my teeth. I would love to get my smile back and once again be happy with how I look. I just need a little help and for me to ask for help is unheard of if you could help or point me in the right direction i would highly appreciate any help i can get. Thank you Rellie
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kamea lee
I am 18 years old and I have a rare gum disease called juvenile periodontal disease...I didn't notice my teeth were getting loose until I went to the dentist. my teeth are turning and spacing . Cry about this everyday because I want to have my smile back I want to be normal,I wasn't to enjoy my life without having to worry about this I want to enjoy talking and taking pictures while a smile...people say i'm beautiful but I have a flaw which is don't talk or smile...I want to enjoy bring who I want to be and be confident and know that 100% I will get married and live happy i'm only 18 and I don't want to deal with this for the ready of my life....I just want to be ME and a confident me.
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average citizen
i am a 43 year old female...i have no insurance and have not been able to work due to pain..i need a hip replacement i do not qualify for state help i guess you cant have anything if you need help...but if you have nothing hey help ya...Yeah ok well i dont know anyone who just has 35,000.00 sitting around in a bank. And that is what i am hearing a hip replacemnt surgery costs i meet with the surgeon on the 26th. does anyone now of where i can get assistance or how to find a charity that could help with this funding? I want to get back to wrok....ASAP
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I am the son of a single mother who is in need of a medical examination for a growth in her abdomen. She can not afford the check up or the subsequent surgery so I am looking for a grant to help my family out with this matter. If anyone has any information that will lead me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it. Thank You
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I am a 23 year old college student who is working on my BSN and i have been uncomftorable with my smile since i was in the fourth grade, i got into an accident and it chipped to teeth in the front, and my family never had the money to pay for treatment i need help i want to recieve the smile i neve had.
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Im a female, 62, medical transcriptionist, independent contractor halfway thru my chemo. My work supplier has been awfully good since my ability to work decreased more than 50%. Yesterday my schedule was taken away and I am allowed to type only when summoned due to emergency. Not enough to pay my insurance/bills. Im broke. I dont know who to contact about getting assistance until I can get a job. Help please. I am living rent free with a friend but need to pay insurance, a loan from my credit union, food, internet to be able to work, and loads of medical bills.
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I highly doubt this work but My husband suggested this site to me here goes nothing!

My Situation is a very confusing one but basically I was born with a intersex birth condition and i have lived my entire life in mental pain ...every time i had enough for my surgery something would go wrong my father died of cancer when i was 13 and my mother has suffered from multiple nervous breakdowns in her life and i was there to help very close with my Mother but she is unable to financially help as well as my husband i need close to 19k American dollars i have everything ready to go , a surgeon picked out ,everything i need to go but the $$ cash ...please i beg you if anyone can be christian enough to want to help me i pray to god you will makes my life soo much harder and more complex and complicates things in my life to an extreme extent ...i cant really go into details of my condition and everything on this public forum but if your interested in talking to me more and maybe helping me please feel free to contact me ...

Thank you kindly

God Bless
Faith :P
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i am a 63year old disabled american and would like to return work . i wonder if theres a grant to help me aquire an auto to do so.
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I would like to open a diabetic clinic to take care of people need help buying clinic
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I don't know if this is where I put this , but were goes i'm in the need of a knee replacement . I can't walk on it very well anymore It looks like it's going to brake off, and I need work on my teeth. I have medicare but i don't have the money to pay my part. I on a set income and don't have money left to do this. I have no insurance to have my teeth fixed. My husband passed 11 years ago so I have no help. Is their anyone that knows where I can get help.
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 in response to aworriedwife...   Perhaps, your husband could purchase some insurance
He could go to an Urgent Care clinic & just pay for it out of pocket.
Call your city hall or volunter ministries to check if there is a free clinic in your city. Most people don't know they exists in their towns, but they do.
He could go to the emergency room. They have to see him & provide emergency treatment.

I wish you both the best.
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 in response to aworriedwife...   


I hope one of these clinics he can find help with.


Here is another clinic and you can see if your husband can use it or not.


Good luck



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Hi, I dont know where to start, My husband makes decent money but we have no insurance.. He has an ear disease that is affecting him in so many ways, his memory has faded something horrible, he is a truck driver, has sleep apnea (has a machine in his truck) and it worries me all the time about his hearing. Is there ANYONE out there that can help him, Is there a Doctor that cares enough to cut the cost, write it off or let us make payments to get him help? Or do we just let this infection eat at his brain till hes gone? SOMEONE please give me some information to help me!!
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im a single mother of two. unfort. i am in need of some serious dental work and dont have the money to have it done. please if u have any info on what i can do please email me at
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I have a friend her sister has a 4 year old son who is suffering from infantile spasm syndrome. Would like to know if there is any medical assistance or a specialist who can render free service for this child. It breaks my heart whenever i see his son. He really needs help, please help him.
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